My First Blog Post

This is not only my first post on Quassel IRC but my very first blog post at all.

I have to say that I’m pretty excited about what’s happening in the last few weeks. The improvements on Quassel have been enormous. There’ve been already more than 50 commits this month. Having just checked in Revision 353 and waiting for Sput’s next big commit (which hopefully doesn’t break anything - I’m always scared if someone says: dude I’m just reorganizing the multithreading in the core…), I’m having some leisure time, which I want to use tell you a bit about the current state of Quassel IRC. So where are we at and what does that mean for you? The first public release of Quassel IRC obviously comes closer and closer and just seems to be a footsetp away. More and more items are being removed from our Roadmap leaving only a few, not very difficult things to be done. So when Sput is done with is current work, we’ll have a better organized core with lesser threads resulting in less overhead for keeping things threadsafe. In addition the setup process will be more intuitive (at least we think so), as some of our pre-alpha-whatchamacallait version pointed out that it’s a bit confusing.

And the state of this blog? You might wonder, why this is the first Blog Post about Quassel though the development of Quassel has already been going on for quite some time. Well it’s basically because due to the fact that we’re more about coding and bringing Quassel IRC to you and less about blogging.

I hope we can keep you a bit more informed in the future here. Meanwhile you’re invited to join #quassel on Freenode to keep up with the very latest news.