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quassel-0.2.0-alpha3 has landed!


We are pleased to announce the immediate release of alpha3! This release contains many performance improvements, especially during core sync and backlog replay. Furthermore, buffer switches should now be much faster. Also, the sync-to-core process now is not only faster, but also much more reliable than in alpha2, where sometimes not all channels were synced. As a bonus feature, you’ll get an all new topic widget that displays mIRC-style formatting, and various other GUI tweaks. Please note ...

CeBIT Day One


Hi there, blogging live from CeBIT, Hanover, Germant, Worls’d largest IT fair :) This time I am not promoting Quassel, but I am part of the Amarok Promo Team. Be sure to check out the bestest music player in the world! Still using Quassel though :) While part of the KDE and Amarok people here chose to find some restaurant and eat, sven423 and me decided to enjoy the free booth parties :) Since we have only a few more minutes until security kicks us out for good, just a few notes: World's l...

alpha2 has been released!


A few days later than planned, we have released quassel-0.2.0-alpha2! We used the extra days to iron out some annoying bugs, such as the crash on first run some users experienced, and made the sync-to-core process much faster. More features include: Sane first-run layout of dockwidgets Various UI enhancements Buffer switching via mousewheel (thanks Ian "eean" Monroe for the patch!) Redirection of notices and server messages to the status buffer or the current buffer Various bugfixes Upgra...

alpha2 soon to come


It’s always amazing how easily one can be destracted from learning… Despite having an exam next tuesday I’ve spent most of this day on fixing bugs and tweaking things for -alpha2. Sput’s already fixed one of the major bugs: the client crash during first run network setup. So what to expect from -alpha2? Actually not much more than from -alpha1. :) Find a list of the fixes and features after the jump. fixed a bug where the client crashes during first run network setup fixed a bug where ...

Universal Binary Build available now for Mac OS X


I just switched to universal binaries, so the Mac Client will be able to run on PPC Macs as well as on the new intel ones. Get it in the “Get Quassel!” section or right here. Currently there is only the Client build. If you’re interessted in precompiled Mac builds for the Quassel Core or the Monolithic Quassel, then please let me know.